Yankee Boy

This is getting rough. I can’t take this anymore. Jersey passed away in June of this year and then today I get a text from Jayson while I am at work, “So I just found Yankee in the road hit by a car. He is dead.” What the heck? I called him and I was in shock. Yankee had been getting out of the yard a lot lately and kept running off and I am honestly surprised he didn’t get hit by a car sooner. Ever since Jersey died he just kept getting out of the yard and wondering the neighborhood. I was worried the Dog Catchers were going to snatch him up. Just devastating news. We had all grown closer to Yankee since Jersey died, especially the kids. Poor Katelynn had been asking to take him to her class for show and tell and I kept putting it off and I now I feel super guilty. We had been taking him hiking with us and he loved the outdoors. We would take off his leash and run wild. He was in heaven. He loved chasing the birds and ducks. He thought it was hilarious. He was close to our neighbors dog, Milo. A few weeks ago we invited all his cousin dogs and Milo and had a birthday party for him. It was such a blast. We played dog games and I made a dog cake and homemade dog biscuits. It was such a fun afternoon.

Tonight was rather hard putting the kids to bed, I was reading to Preston and Brinlee I hear Kate sniffling. I walk in there and she is just bawling her eyes out and then Amelia starts crying. I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to bless that Jersey and Yankee to be happy and playing together. The poor girls were just a mess, I was a mess. The first time I allowed myself to cry all day. I tried to stay distracted all day so I wouldn’t have to face reality. It hit me, and it hit hard. A little later tonight I found Kate on our bed laying on Yankee’s bed and her pillow pet had Yankee’s leash on it. It jingled and I almost just thought he was going to pop out from under the bed. Then I found Amelia laying on the ground in our room as well. Our poor girls to loose 2 of their pets within months of each other. I am at a loss of words.

Yankee, Yankers you will be missed deeply. You were a patient, loving dog. We welcomed you into our home and you were a joy to have around. We love you and I know you are in Heaven playing with Jersey just like you use to do all day long. I know Jersey missed you and now you can play all day long with each other. We loved your Mohawk. We miss you buddy and we love you. You looked like Buck off of Ice Age 2, you played dead without us teaching you how to play dead only if you knew we were trying to teach you but you would just roll over and lay there perfectly still. Some people said you looked like a Gremlin but Yankee you were one good looking dog and we miss you!


September 7, 2009-October 5, 2012


Preston’s words to Jayson and then to Katelynn, “I can’t wait for Jesus to come back so I can see our dogs again”

First Day 2012

Where did the summer go? I had so many plans and things I wanted to do….

Here is the girls back in August on their first day. Good thing Jayson was on top of it and took a picture of them before heading into the school. I am super slacking in the picture taking department. My babies are growing up and getting so big. It makes me sad but excites me all at the same time.

Happy Belated 4th of July!

Our happy little family of 6 plus one in the oven!

Our darling 4 kids! I am so blessed to have such an amazing little family. Yes, they stress me out and fight more than I would like but they sure are awesome!

Laboring and Delivering

On Thursday August 2nd I was having a ton of contractions that night, anywhere from 2-10 minutes apart. Nothing consistent. I went to bed and I was up ALL night long and I thought I was going to have to call my neighbor or my sister to come babysit around 3am but I jumped in the shower and the contractions stopped. so I went back to bed and woke up and they were still pretty sporatic so Jayson took Katelynn to soccer practice and I was going to meet him at the hospital but then they stopped again. So I did some cleaning, even weeded the garden. Jayson got home later and I made lunch and was still having off and on contractions so I decideded to just go to the hospital because it was my due date and I knew they couldn’t send me home being that close to my date. So we all ate lunch and dropped the kids off with Crystal and headed into the hospital. Walked in and the lady at the front desk asked me, “who I was here to see?” I said, “I am here to have a baby”. We walked back to labor and deliver and the nurse asked me, “what can we help you with?” I said, “hopefully have our baby.” Everyone was pretty shocked to see me there walking and expecting a baby that day. We got in the room, they checked me after asking me a thousand questions and I was still at a 3.5 and 90% effaced. No progress since Tuesday at the Doctors. Obiviously working and lifing a couch and cleaning the entire house didn’t help. This baby had no intention of every coming out. The nurse that was first there was the nurse that delivered Preston 4 years ago. They monitored me for an hour and still no progress and luckily my Doctor was there doing rounds and checking other patients so he came in and gave us “the options”. #1 break my water #2 pitocin #3 go home and come back if my water broke or schudule inducement on Monday. I didn’t like any of those options I knew they involved pain and it would HURT like……well nothing describes how bad it hurts. So I decided I needed sleep and didn’t want to be sent home. Life it too busy for us. So he broke my water at 2:40pm and the contractions pretty much started right away and they were LONG and HARD. Intense pain. I sat on the bouncy birth ball (which I never had and I liked it) and Jayson would push on my lower back every 4-5 mintues when my contractions would hit and they would last a long time. I was sitting there and I felt a ton of pressure and I called the nurse in and she came in and checked me and I was at a 7. Then after another contraction I felt more pressure, she checked me and I was at a 8, they called the DR (he went home, which is only 10 blocks away) then she checked me again and I was at a 9 and then I felt an urgent need to push and the DR was there by now suiting up. Then he said to push, I responded back with, “I don’t know how I have never had to push a kid out, they just fall out”. So I actually had to push twice to get him out. It was such a relief. Ahh! They put him on my chest and I couldn’t breath and I was shaking so bad. They took him and cleaned him up and finally weighed him and he weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 19.5 inches long and born at 3:45pm on August 3rd. So 1 hour and 5 minutes after breaking my water he was here and  doing awesome. I was shocked. That size of a baby just came out of me. Holy Crap! Literally! My biggest baby….goodness. I am still in shock. Then we did some skin to skin contact and he stayed there for what seemed like forever and I have never had that, it was really nice.

He did not like getting all cleaned up!

 Our Nurse Kristy, she delivered Preston and she gave Conner his first bath. She was in there for at least an hour bathing him. I think she was just loving it. She couldn’t get enough of Conner. She was the sweetest nurse ever!

Conner Merrit Hurst

Getting all warm after his bath!

Me after having a baby! Hey it was nothing!

Maternity Photos

I am really horrible about taking photos of myself. I feel so cheesy and silly in the process. I am glad Stacy was able to catch a few that I LOVE and they turned out great. This pregnancy has been great and challenging all at the same time. I can’t say it will be the last time I am pregnant but I think if it is I am completely at peace with it. Pregnancy has been more difficult this time. I think the older the kids get, the more demanding they are on my time and my body doesn’t the get the rest it needs. I am excited and scared for this baby to make his arrival. Labor frightens me, I remember the pain and how bad it hurts and that scares me but I now I can do it and I will push through and it will all work out. I have received countless blessings and I find such comfort in that and what is said to me. I know this baby will be loved and the kids are so excited to meet him. I am excited to meet him. I have 2 weeks left on this Friday and I am content with him staying in for that 2 weeks. Most woman are begging their babies to come out but I am really just content with him staying in there and developing more and getting more healthy.

Please baby boy come in August not in July!!


 Thank you to Stacy for taking the time to take my pictures!


Happy Birthday Preston!

Our little guy turned 4 last week and it makes me crazy to think he is already 4. He is the smartest, most fun loving, energetic kid I know. He does have a spunky side to him and he sure gets into trouble a lot. We sure love him and his big loving heart! We had a small family celebration last Tuesday. He woke up to waffles, strawberries and homemade whipping cream. Then we went to swimming lessons and came home and Jayson had decorated the house for him. He loved it! Then he opened his presents from us. He got a new Razor Scooter, trains, toy story drum set, blocks, and a learning toy.

Happy 4th Birthday Preston!

We are having a party this saturday so more pictures to follow.

Jersey Girl

To the most lovable, sweet, kind, happy dog I know. She was the best running partner and friend. She was wonderful with kids, afraid of the dark and a great watch dog (she would have only licked them to death) She was the greatest dog ever! She will really be missed. I know she is in heaven now peaceful as can be and pain free.
We love you Jersey!

We will miss you Jersey. You were a great friend.

June 12, 2009- June 18, 2012

Kate and Mia New Room!

The girls room before!

Pretty plain and blah!

Then to watermelon pink and cotton candy pink.

We did 2 walls cotton candy pink and 2 walls watermelon pink.

I absolutely love the colors. I didn’t want completely pink so I accented with blue and green.

I went to Hobby Lobby last week and all the decorations I wanted were on 66% off so I for sure scored in that department.

I am yet to decorate the walls. I am a little afraid since I don’t have everything yet. I kinda want everything before I do it so I can plan it all out.

The girls LOVE, LOVE their room.

Preston’s New Room

This is Preston’s room before!

We painted the walls 10 years ago.

Jayson has wanted to always paint a room painters tape blue and I agree I LOVE that blue color. So we jumped for it and I absolutely love it!

I love the blue walls and the white ceilings.

After weeks of preparing I think it turned out awesome!

I found all of his bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond. I love it!

I found all of his decorations at Hobby Lobby. It was fun. I could have bought the entire vintage section at the store. Within time I will have stuff hanging on the walls. Jayson is dreading me hanging stuff on the walls, his beautiful walls will have holes in them. Ha!

Preston has had a hard time sleeping alone in his room. He is so use to having the girls with him so he is struggling a little bit. I am sure with time he will do just fine. It is so nice having more room for the kids to sleep and play.

Almost 30 weeks!

I am sure you are sick of all the pregnancy posts and photos but I have hardly taken any this pregnancy. I am slacking! Not really I am just a busy mom of 4 little kids who need a lot of attention and someone to drive them to and from their activities. Just call me Taxi Mom! So far this little guy is healthy and well. He is measuring right on even though I feel enormous and I keep getting the stares of “When are you due?” It is a little obnoxious! Just 10 more weeks that is all. I am feel so unprepared. Nothing is ready. My house is so unorganized right now. The kids rooms are all messy and crazy. Pictures to come on the remodeling of them. They are looking fantastic!

By the way, don’t you just love this maxi dress? I sure do. Costco is where I bought it and I am in love! Happy birthday to me!